Now that over half of Swedes have access to the internet in a mobile device; it becomes increasingly essential for companies to market themselves on mobiles and tablets. Avantime has experience in everything from PPC advertising to mobile applications to create the most significant possible business benefit and to make our customers’ presence on mobile devices the best.

Search engine marketing and PPC advertising can be tricky at first glance. We at Avantime, therefore, help our customers with everything from planning, implementation and not least follow-up of all campaigns to make everything as easy as possible for you. If you are interested in search engine marketing and PPC advertising, please feel free to contact us.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising system where you can market your business through purchased keyword ads. The ads are displayed, among other things, in Google search results, and as the Pay Per Click name reveals, you pay as advertisers only when someone clicks your ad.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is the world’s most extensive social network with over 900 million active users worldwide. With Facebook’s Ad system Ads, you can market your company as well as your products and services through a variety of ad formats. Something that makes Facebook a unique place to market is the great opportunities for audience segmentation.

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YouTube Ads       

YouTube is today considered the world’s second largest search engine, before Bing and after Google, and is used as much for utility as fun. The site offers PPC advertising with unique opportunities to promote movies, and you can ensure that your video gets the audience it deserves. Through YouTube Ads, you can reach an interested and segmented audience differently and engagingly.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a network aimed primarily at highly educated and academics. With hundreds of millions of users around the globe, of which about one million in Sweden, it has become an increasingly attractive place to be seen and worked for both users and companies. LinkedIn advertising enables you to reach a particular profession or asset in a specific industry in a way that no other PPC advertising can.